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Why Collecting Records is a Great Hobby

As generations changes, so do alternative ways to cope with the constant and rapid evolution of trends. In efforts to embrace and be involved, music has long since evolved throughout decades since its discovery. Genres became diverse, artists have come and gone, and even mediums used to listen has varied. The industry of music has accepted and amplified the use of technology to amplify platforms and reach its consumers that are living the world of electronics such DVDs, CDs, computers, and the internet to the point of total consumption. It has now become a massive competition, not only for the fresh music and ways, but for businesses that remain, endures, and persists the life of classic ways to deliver music, that includes albums and vinyl that are sold at record stores. As our world progresses the innovation of technology also puts into emphasis where it benefits all. Putting limelight in the 21st century. Today, we cannot deny the fact that people are beginning to get fond of the vintage way of music, vinyl, or records. They have made using and collecting vinyl or records as a hobby or a past time, some even saw collecting these records as a great business opportunity as other collectors pay a decent amount of money for vinyl as an addition to their collection. Music Connection, a premier record store in New Hampshire not only sells hit records but also buys gently used vinyl and vintage stereo equipment.

Why #1 – Reminisce. As a music lover, for me, collecting records is a great hobby because it not only gives you entertainment, but it also gives you a taste of vintage music, the original raw sounds of the previous generation’s artistry and music. By collecting these records, not only gives you a glimpse of the past, but it also helps you relax to the sweet harmony of Jazz songs by our late artists – full of passion, love, and sincerity. By listening to the vinyl, it will make you fall in love with the vintage music all over again, making you want to go back to the days when everything was so simple. Back to the time how our great grandparents used to dance to the best of the records, how they sing their hearts out and listen to their music that seems like a live singing concert. Listening to vinyl records seems more personal rather than streaming online with our high-tech gadgets because it would sound warmer and it is like it’s nearer to where your heart is.

Why #2 – Activates imaginations and keeps bran active. Vinyl records will enhance and bring out your creative side not only in terms of music but also in your visual creativity. If you do not know yet, a vinyl or record has its creative cover along with the record itself. The graphics alone would make you want to open that vinyl, put it in a turntable and listen as to what that music is all about and relate how the graphics of the cover resonates with the overall message of the song. With this, it would make your imagination expand and become more active. Experts are trying to recognize in what way our brains could be able to hear and play music. Turns out in their research, there is a stereo system that puts out vibrations that travel through the air and could somehow get inside our ear canal. These vibrations tickle our eardrums and are conveyed into an electrical signal that travels through the auditory nerve to the brain stem, where it is reassembled into something we perceive as music.

According to one otolaryngologist, music is structural, mathematical, and architectural. It’s based on relationships between one note and the next. You may not be aware of it, but your brain has to do a lot of computing to make sense of it. “There are few things that stimulate the brain the way music does. If you want to keep your brain engaged throughout the aging process, listening to or playing music is a great tool. It provides a total brain workout.” says Johns Hopkins, otolaryngologist.

Why #3 – Good business opportunity. Nowadays, each and everyone wants to involve themselves in the business world. Why? Let’s face it. Most people would want to earn a decent amount of money, right? And working our heads of without investing ourselves in business is not likely to make us richer. Or earn more money. It has already been known that if you want to earn more, save more and be rich, the way in is to invest yourself in a business. People who want to get involve or start their own business keep thinking about what niche should they go for. The niche you would choose is very important in a business career. You do not want to open a business that you know nothing of, correct? So, it would be best if you work with your passion. I always say that to myself every time a job opening comes knocking on my doorstep or thinking about what niche for a business should I start. I or should I say WE must be in love with our job. I mean, why not? In every situation, there will always be a problem that would eventual y come and if you are not in love with what you do or you are not passionate about it when a door shuts onto your face or whatever obstacle you may encounter with your job or business in the future, you are most likely to give up at first try. Why? Simply because if you do not love what you are doing, it would be so difficult for you to fight for it. Just like when you are dating someone. If you do not like the person you are dating or you are not interested in them, then it would be very easy for you to cut ties with them – like, what would your reason be to stay and fight for something you are not passionate about? But if you are truly happy and in love with that person, you would do whatever it takes just to fix that problem and go on with your lives together as a team, getting bolder and stronger. That is why it is important that when you think about having a business, the niche you should go for should be something you love doing. Besides, vinyl records cost huge amounts especially when it is a hit record. Therefore, it’s a win-win. You would be able to do your job whilst doing your hobby and at the same time, you are earning a decent amount of money.

That is why here in Music Connection, we do not only sell vinyl records or vintage stereo equipment, we also purchase them for our company. That way we could still do our business while fulfilling our passion for music.

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