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3 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Prized Cassette Tapes

If you tell kids today that there was once a time when Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music didn’t exist, you’ll probably be met by blank stares. It may be hard for kids to imagine that there was a way to access and listen to music that was so different from what they know today.

The words ‘download’ and ‘streaming’ weren’t used in the past. Accessing and listening to music meant going to an actual music store and finding the album of the artist you wanted to listen to. In the ‘70s, vinyl records and reel-to-reel tapes slowly gave way to a more compact and convenient medium – cassette tapes.

At the time of their conception, cassette tapes were so revolutionary. They were so small and so easy to use, and they made listening to the songs of your choice in your car possible. Ironically, the new favorite was less durable and was more problematic than vinyl, which they replaced. Yes, cassette tapes were no stranger to distortions, jams, and other issues. When CDs came to replace them, everybody was ready to throw out their cassette tapes.

But here we are now when people living in a digital world have been obsessing over anything nostalgic. Naturally, cassette tapes were resurrected. And because those tapes in today’s standards are strange little things, one of the most beloved music stores in NH shares some tips on how to use and care for your cassette tapes properly:

Play the Tapes Regularly

You need to play your tapes regularly, or at least twice a year or so, to ensure that the tape doesn’t get stuck. Also, stains and adhesions need to be released, or the cassette tape can’t be played properly.

Make Sure You Store the Tapes Properly

As mentioned above, cassette tapes are not that durable. You have to make an effort to take care of it, and even the way you store it must be considered. For instance, in the summer, when it can get scorching inside your car, you might want to take your cassette tapes out as the molded plastic housing is prone to warping, leading the tape inside to get deformed.

You might want to consider getting a storage box that’s specifically for cassette tapes. These types of containers help avoid slack and jamming and make organizing your cassette tapes so much easier.

Wind Your Cassette Tape With Care

Keep in mind that a cassette tape needs to be rewound; otherwise, you might deal with some jamming. It won’t take much of your time and if you ask any cassette owner, getting that pencil into the opening and turning it is actually part of the fun of using cassette tapes.

To make sure that you are doing it right, hold the cassette tape upside down so that the openings are up. The right hub should move counter-clockwise to tighten, and the left hub will then move clockwise.


There’s just something special about cassettes that make people want to own and use them. It may be because in a world that’s practically digital, having something tangible makes you feel like you have more control over the music you listen to. But because cassettes are from decades past, you have to make sure that you take care of them properly so that they will last.

There’s that sense of nostalgia cassettes offer that you simply cannot get from music streaming. Add to that, of course, that relaxing experience of walking and browsing through albums inside an actual music store like Music Connection.

Music Connection is an established independent music store in Manchester, NH, where you’ll find an extensive collection of cassettes, vinyl records, CDs, DVS, and players. Whether you are looking for new albums or pre-loved ones, you’ll surely find them in Music Connection. Contact us today to know more about the albums we have available!

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