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Rediscovering Vinyl Records: Secrets To Know

The treasures of years bring about a sense of nostalgia unlike any other. Nothing quite compares to the bars of decades past, where live music is played not from Google-enabled Bluetooth speakers, but huge turntables spinning big old records around and around. The music is different, kind of longing you’ve never experienced before, quite like a cozy Sunday morning with a coffee on hand—in the past.

The sound is rich and colorful, and you feel as though you belong somewhere else, and these feelings are likely the reason that vinyl records are slowly making a comeback. An increased interest in the retro world has given them the spotlight once more, and the fact that they sound better than the digital records makes people scramble to get their hands on both a turntable and a record. 

We’ve previously talked about the secrets surrounding vinyl records in the first part of our little series. Now, we dive deeper into the world of these curious contraptions, and why people continuously fall in love with them. However, we also face the reality of this lost (and now found art):

Secret #1: Only vinyl can give off a lossless and warm format

Although we’re at the age where everything can be accessed in an instant, the quality isn’t always guaranteed. Vinyl remains to be the only playback format that’s lossless and fully analog, making it less technical than the now prevalent digital format. You’ll only need a proper turntable or gramophone to make it work, and you’ll be given the full musical experience—exactly what the artist wishes you to hear.

Vinyl records also exhibit a warm experience, which is what people believe to be the “magical” factor. It can be traced back to its actual production process, where no digital process is involved. It’s close to listening to music live—in the comfort of your own spaces.

Secret #2: The vinyl production world is still dwindling 

Although the vinyl record sales are soaring, those behind the industry are still dwindling. The recent development of vinyl is attributed mainly to the technological world, especially since repairs are almost impossible to do. 

Those equipped with the art and skill of repairing these records are stretched out too thinly, as only a handful of them exist around the world. Many types of vinyl and players end up sitting idly for weeks, only to be abandoned later on. The issue also encompasses various parts of the vinyl world, so the revival remains to be a work in progress. 

Secret #3: Vinyl has now become an art form

Vinyl records are huge, which means that their sleeves are blank canvases waiting to be filled. For this reason, many artists opt to create cover arts that stand out, which has now become a vital part of the vinyl industry. You’ll get the music and then enjoy art you can display in various corners of your home. 

Even if your record ends up being too scratched to use, you’ll be able to keep it as decor. Records have also given rise to the culture of collectors, where people all over the world are now connected in admiration for the analog ways of music—and that’s an open secret that keeps this side of the music world thriving.

Music For Keeps 

Vinyl records are essentially part of the music universe that never ceases to exist. Somehow, someone always finds their way into perfectly preserved pieces and discovers the warmth of the music produced, even after sitting in a dark and dusty attic for years. It may be an old format, but more and more people now appreciate the wonders it brings. 

There’s plenty left to discover about vinyl records and we’re here to help. For the best vinyls in Manchester, Music Connection has you covered. We are a premier independent record store, offering you an extensive selection of new and preloved records, cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs, and so much more. Reach out to us today!

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