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The Battle of Original Vinyl Pressings vs. Reissues

Collecting vinyl records is a new trending hobby music lovers enjoy. However, upon hopping on the bandwagon, new collectors often find themselves baffled by one common issue – the preference of original vinyl presses over reissues. Many collectors, new and old, are on the quest to procure the perfect addition to their ever-growing collection of vinyl records. To subdue the raging need to find only the creme de la creme for your collection, this blog post will shed some light as to why most tenured collectors only prefer to buy original releases.

The Battle of Original Vinyl Pressings vs. Reissues

Many hardcore music lovers find themselves getting carried away when it comes to the lengths they would go to to find the best records for their collection. While there is a common preference for original vinyl pressings, there are some instances where buying a reissue will not be a wrong choice, either. Read on to find out about the two sides to the story and help you make the decision about your subsequent vinyl acquisition.

Why It Matters to Buy First Pressing

Many believe that original pressings are superior to reissues because they are said to have better sound quality. However, not everyone has the same musical ear and audiophile finesse as others and may perceive the sound quality to be at par with an original. However, when it comes to having something that is a rare find, it will certainly pay to invest in an original rather than a reissue.

Considerations When Buying Your Records

There are five critical considerations when it comes to buying records. These are mastering, the quality and weight of vinyl, era of pressing, pressing plant, and the source. All of these aspects may play a part in the sound quality of a record. Many collectors who only buy original pressings believe that an original pressed record will sound different and will pale in comparison to original pressings. However, this verdict does not hold true for many collectors, and the final say will depend on the person buying the record. After all, beauty is in the ear of the beholder. 

What’s the Verdict?

The final takeaway for collectors is that they should trust their gut when buying new additions to their record collection. Most of the time, original pressings may be more expensive than reissues. Whether or not there is a difference in the overall sound quality will be up to whoever listens to the record. Also, keep in mind that the quality and type of system you will be playing your record in will affect how it ultimately sounds. 


To sum everything up, there are advantages and disadvantages to both original pressings and reissues. Choosing which type of record you buy will depend on the sound system you have and the kind of collection you want to amass. Also, buying from a reliable record store is the key. Whether you choose to buy a reissue or an original, the right store will offer you good quality options for both. 

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