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The Must-Have Records and Albums for Any Vinyl Collector

Music is more than just sound coming from speakers. It is an experience that people can enjoy, as it can evoke emotions and facilitate fantastic experiences. That is why more and more people are getting into the hobby of collecting vinyl records. It provides people with better listening experiences than digital music and CDs. 

Both are good, but there is something special about listening to records that makes it memorable. One of them is the crackles and pops that make the sound more authentic. If you are a vinyl collector, you are probably constantly on the lookout for things to add to your collection. Look no further; this article will list down the records you should have in your collection. 

Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) by The Beatles

Your collection would be nothing without music from the Beatles. If you are thinking of adding one from their many good albums to your collection, the Pepper package is one you should not miss. The band’s eighth album spent 27 weeks at the number one spot on the Record Retailer chart because of its well-made songs—both original and covers. All the songs in this album are carefully selected and arranged in a beautiful format, and it is not an experience you should miss.

The Queen Is Dead (1986) by The Smiths

If there is one album that represents the Smiths, it is their third album, “The Queen Is Dead.” Everything—from the words and delivery of Morrissey to the guitar and arrangement of every song—only proved how magical the group could be. Most people even claimed that the Smiths were the best group globally because of this 1986 album. If you want to confirm, consider getting a copy. 

Dark Side of the Moon (1973) by Pink Floyd

If you are looking for a blockbuster album from the 1970s, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon would appear on top of the list. In the UK, this album received 14 platinums, and it topped the US’s Billboard’s LPs and Tapes chart. This album marked the transition of Pink Floyd from an experimental college student band to a top rock act in 1973.  

Sticky Fingers (1971) by The Rolling Stones

Another superb group to have in your collection is the Rolling Stones, specifically their Sticky Fingers album with its controversial album art. It also featured many great tracks, such as Brown Sugar, Wild Horses, Sister Morphine, Dead Flowers, and more. This album is said to be the defining moment for The Rolling Stones and who they are as artists. This album also introduced the greatest band logo ever to exist!

Definitely Maybe (1994) by Oasis

This album made it straight to number one in the UK charts with three hit singles. It is even one of the fastest-selling debut albums of all time. Everything you hear in this record is like pure truth. Imagine friends recording songs one afternoon while drunk and inside a pub. That is what you could get from listening to this must-have album. The songs you find here are perfect if you are looking for some new tunes to groove with.


Listening to music via vinyl is a unique experience. It brings that rich sound that comes from the diverse auditory experience only heard in a vinyl record. The imperfections of its sound bring in additional warmth that digital music would never replicate. Moreover, going into a local record store to browse for new music is another fantastic experience. Discovering new music that matches your taste is a unique journey.

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