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Main Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Records

Have you ever imagined life without music? Music has been with us for about 35,000 years – it has been passed on for generations to generations. We have come to live with music by our side, wherever we go, whatever we do, we could find music. The world would be so dull and cold without music. Like colors that eliminates the paleness of our existential world, Music does the same thing, indeed. Imagine salad without mayo, ketchup without fries, and world without music. Everything that ever existed from stone age up to today is fundamental and has a great role not just in the beautification but in the existence of our specie. Humans created and define music.

Although music can be found in almost all elements, only us have the capability to define music. Now imagine a world without music. Just the white noises from the outside, the chirping of resting domestic birds from your neighbor’s cage, the barking of dogs, the sound of the breezy air as you step out from your front door. Imagine the worlds so plain that it would cause you to die of boredom. Thus music, is an important element and we say, discovery, that makes our lives exuberant and joyful. It creates meaning, gives color and bliss. Music itself is complex that until now, is studied, modified and enhanced. It is relevant that we couldn’t even live a day without music. Now, imagine the world without music, pure solitude, lack of rhythm and with the absence of tune. The world would be so plain. So plain that we couldn’t think of something more thrilling rather than hear the white noises, damaging out our lonely ears. Now, let’s discuss the reasons why you should consider getting yourselves records and listen to it.

The Way Vinyl Affects the Shape of The Tone of Music

I, myself am not really a huge fan of vinyl or records. BUT… that was before. Before I got to listen to one of my granny’s all-time favorite record – Unforgettable (Nat King Cole song). I could still remember, it was a rainy afternoon, we were at our granny’s house to have dinner together with the entire family. I was helping her with the hot cocoa but then she turns on her record and then the magic happened. The cold season suddenly felt warm and filled with love in the air – the way my granny was singing with the music, the way she swayed to the tune made me feel like I was in in the 1950’s. Where the world was still so simple, made me want to dive in the vibe of Nat’s song that is giving me shivers down my spine. The sound quality itself may not be as good as the digital music today but, I can guarantee you that the feeling, the actual sound of the record, the warmth you’d feel while listening to it just takes you to a different time, to a different vibe, to a different world. It lets you escape the world, the reality we are currently in. You could just not get enough of the way the music shapes your soul just by listening to it, the sincerity of the words in every line of the lyrics, the way it soothes your mental and emotional state, it just makes you feel relaxed. Each records tone of music makes me want to go back in time and experience the solidarity of our elder’s lives – being so simple, less pollutions, the scent of roses, where you could still see children rejoicing under the heat of the sun. Do you not want to relive it? Yes, our lives today might be easier and more convenient, but the thing is that due to things being so easily to attain, making our everyday lives more fortunate than before this generation is giving us less opportunity to live healthily. We eat fruits and vegetables but they are richer in the chemicals sprayed to them for them to grow more abundant than the real nutrients our body needs. And that is just one example, I can name hundreds of others but I know you get my point.

More Organic Music

Since anyone can now record music on a computer, auto tune their vocals, use beats and fake instruments and empty lyrics in a short period of time, music is sadly being dumbed down. The craft of making records has fallen apart. I don’t mean to try and drag the digital music and today’s artist down but I would like to make a point that the records offer a much raw and soulful music, where you can really engage the sound, sight, touch and even smell. Nothing wrong with digital recordings it is kind of like this – fast, pod-based coffee is a great invention, but sometimes it is nice to grind some fresh beans and carefully craft a French press coffee…it may take a little longer, but it generally tastes better while the organic coffee smell lingers in the air. I suppose a good analogy for this is cooking. Sous vide steak is the ultimate way in cooking steak – it precisely cooks the steak to the perfect doneness each time, while keeping the cooking even all around, and keeping in most of the flavorful juices, and it also gets a nice crust. But all of that perfection in sous vide steak actually increased interest in cooking steaks on a grill or pan again. People enjoy the process and the mythos of normal steak cooking. They like how people like Gordon Ramsay describe the process of cooking steak just as much as Neil Young and Jack White extoll the virtues of vinyl. And of course, the unevenness and carried edges and the occasional wrong doneness of the steak adds tonight charm. All that despite sous vide steak being the superior quality.

Molds Singing Passion

As the songs in records gives us more of their voice quality, aspiring artists and singers could be inspired to focus more in enhancing their singing techniques and voice projection to become better, if not the best. As we can observe the artists in records have their own style in their song delivery, I’m not encouraging you to copy their singing style, but I am encouraging you to listen to records and realize on your own how you could achieve your own style and delivery while improving your voice quality, voice range, and techniques. There are a lot of techniques going on when you listen to song records – the singers’ vibrato, key shifting, hitting the exact notes without shouting or getting flat/sharp, etc. When you listen closely to these songs, you’ll eventually know how to identify your lapses, what you could improve and would most definitely nurture your passion for singing – not only singing for fame, not only singing because your family wants you to, not only singing to earn a living, but sing because you love to. Sing because it inspires you. Sing because it makes you feel better.

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