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The Best Practices for Keeping Vinyl in Good Condition

Vinyl is one the epitome of the word “classic.” Fortunately, this beautiful product for music lovers persists to this day. There is no generation of musicians and artists that have not created vinyl versions of their albums as collectibles. 

If you found a new love for collecting vinyl, you should know that sensitive materials require special care. That is most especially true for authentic vintage vinyl. Furthermore, a vinyl record is expected to last for generations, so if you plan to sell your pieces in the future, you have a better chance if they are kept in good condition. 

If you want your records to last a long time, here are some tips on how you can properly care for your vinyl records:

1: Do Not Stack Them On Top of Each Other

A vinyl record may seem thin and light, but they are not. Some of them even come with extras, like pamphlets or booklets, adding to their weight. When you decide to stack them on top of each other, an uneven distribution of weight could damage the records underneath. 

The best way to keep them is through vertical stacking, just like how stores do theirs. However, if you have many pieces of vinyl to stack, make sure that they are divided into small groups with sturdy divisions. That way, the vinyl at the end of the line will not bear the weight of the records placed on top of it.

2: Use High-Quality Inner Sleeves and Plastic Jackets

If you want protection for your records, you can always buy a plastic jacket to protect it from dust and other potential damage. Another good idea is an inner sleeve for the record itself. By using any of the mentioned tools, the piece can be preserved. 

3: Keep Your Fingers Away From It

The oils in your fingers can be highly destructive. Keep your hands away from your records as much as possible. When a vinyl gets filled with dust, it could lead to poor sound quality. Moreover, the dust can damage the record player itself. When there is dust on the surface, it could create scratches on your vinyl. Furthermore, it could also eventually damage the stylus.

4: Always Wipe It Clean

Make it a habit to wipe your vinyl records and the player before and after you use them. Doing that can help keep your record looking brand new. When you hear some crackles and pops when playing your vinyl, it could be because of dirt. 

Use a fine and soft carbon fiber brush or a velvet brush when wiping away the dust, and maintain a circular motion. To make it easier, brush while the vinyl record is spinning on the player. Make sure that you do not forget to clean the stylus. 

Ideally, you should also wet clean your records at least once a year using a product specifically for that purpose. There are many cleaning kits made specifically for vinyl records online. 


Vinyl is a physical record that requires a bit more care. However, caring for it does not mean keeping it in a vault and not playing it on your record player. Instead, you can prolong its life and enjoy its music more if you know the dos and don’ts when using and storing them. These four steps are an excellent introduction to how to handle your classic collection properly.

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