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Jumpstart Your Vinyl Record Collection: How to Do It

For years, vinyl records took a break and hibernated as many music enthusiasts in the past deemed the format as outdated. But in recent years, people have renewed their love with vinyl records, and the format has started to gain popularity once again. 

There are so many reasons people find vinyl records appealing. It could be its aesthetics— the larger-than-life artwork, pull-out sleeves, or the glossy vinyl itself. It could be the fantastic quality of sound it produces and the charm of the crackly sound you hear when the needle touches its grooves. Another reason people love vinyl record collecting is the thrill of hunting for the best vinyl in Manchester and taking them home to bathe in their fantastic sound. 

For whatever reason you’re getting into record collecting, now is the perfect time to dive into this hobby as more artists are releasing their work in LPs. If you want to kickstart your collection, keep reading. Here’s our guide to jumpstarting your vinyl record collection.

Choose a Premium Turntable

What’s the point of having an extensive vinyl record collection when you don’t have a killer music system to use and blast music with? The number one thing you need to consider before you begin your vinyl collection journey is to buy a premium turntable. 

Some turntables could be quite an investment, but you’d be happy to know that there are high-quality turntables that come at affordable prices to help you start your home music system. 

However, don’t mistake a record player for a turntable. Record players are standalone units that don’t require external speakers, while turntables rely on external amps and speakers to provide the best quality of sound. 

Begin Building Your Vinyl Collection

Your music preference will be based on how you begin collecting your vinyl records. Depending on your taste, you might go for vintage records first, branch out to rock, and then try other music genres. However, when people hunt for records, they don’t usually stick to a plan; instead, they go ahead and go through every box and flick each record until they find “the one” tucked away at the back. 

But if you’re ready to start collecting, you can head to an independent record store that offers the best vinyls in Manchester—Music Connection. The great thing about this place is that they offer previously owned and new vinyl records, making it the best one-stop-shop for your vinyl hunting needs. 

Store Your Records Correctly

One of the first things you should consider when you’re starting a record collection is to ensure that you have the right space to store your collection. Ideally, you want to keep your vinyl away from warm or humid areas in your home. This is because heat can cause your records to warp, permanently damaging them.

Although it looks aesthetically pleasing to stack them on top of each other, it’s best to stack them upright and ensure they have wiggle room for flipping. 

Additionally, if you want to keep the integrity of their cover and keep them away from dust, you can opt to buy plastic sleeves so you can put each record inside a protective cover. And since records can get too heavy, ensure you’re placing them on a sturdy shelf for maximum support. Over time, you’ll figure out ways to label them and store them practically as you grow your collection. 

The Bottom Line: Starting Your Vinyl Record Collection Is Easy, and You Can Begin Right Now

Now that you know the basics of starting a record collection, all you need to do now is build that killer music system, start hunting for the best vinyls in Manchester, and create a storage system that will best display records while keeping them safe. 

Are You Looking for the Best Vinyls in Manchester?

For some people, collecting vinyl records can be an intimidating process, especially when there are a plethora of records you need to flip your way through. So if you’re starting your collection, come visit Music Connection. We’ll make your vinyl hunting easy for you. 

Our shop offers new and previously-loved vinyl records and other music formats, as well as vinyl players, Hi-Fi equipment, replacement needles, and more. Start your vinyl record collection journey with us today!

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