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How to Keep Your Vinyl Collection in Mint Condition

The classics have been making a comeback in recent times—from analog cameras and 90s fashion statements to cassette tapes and vinyl records. The demand for vinyl records, in particular, continues to increase, so much so that more people have acquired a newfound interest in the age-old hobby of buying and selling records!

While purchasing and streaming music online is still the more popular choice, those who hold an undying love for vinyl beg to disagree—and they have their record collection to prove it. Continuing the effort to keep vinyl records is fruitful on its own, as its value continues to go up with each passing year!

That’s why it’s integral that you know how to take care of your growing collection and prevent it from experiencing damages in the form of scratches, dents, and dust buildup. Keep reading below to find out tips for maintaining the excellent condition of your prized possessions.

Learn to Minimize Static from Your Vinyl Records

Almost everyone can recognize the iconic sound of a scratch or static on vinyl, regardless if you own one or not.

It’s important to treat your vinyl records how you treat your precious belongings every time you put them away for later use—with utmost care. Unfortunately, when you handle vinyl records, you have more chances of experiencing dust that usually falls over your record’s surface. Every time you pick out a vinyl record and play it on your turntable, they boost the static charge with each turn the record makes and every drag of the stylus over the vinyl.

When dust gets trapped over the vinyl, it can affect the quality of the sound it makes and leads to unnecessary static noise. To prevent static from disrupting your listening experience, you should remember to keep your turntable cover closed at all times and wipe your vinyl record clean after each use before putting it back where it belongs.

Handle Your Vinyl Records With Complete Care

It’s essential to keep your hands clean whenever you deal with vinyl records because dirty fingers tend to have oil in them. Once they get on your records, they can lead to dust and debris buildup! As a result, you will have an even harder time maintaining your records in perfect condition because mold can occur on your vinyl and significantly reduce their quality.

Besides maintaining sanitized hands each time you play your records, you can opt to utilize finger cots to guarantee you won’t affect any of your vinyl while still keeping a firm grip on them. Always remember to avoid touching the grooves of your record and, instead, hold them by their edge or center.

Know the Proper Way to Clean Your Records

Every vinyl collector with a habit of visiting a record store every chance they get always has a favorite vinyl they tend to play more than the rest. While that’s completely fine, take note that the more times you put on a record, the more chances it traps dust in its grooves! Aside from debris, your fingerprints can also get in the way of maintaining the spotless condition of your records. The best thing you can do is strive to clean your vinyl collection carefully and properly.

Apply deionized water every time you wash and rinse your records, and wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth to get rid of leftover marks and remnants of water. Don’t forget to clean your vinyl’s outer sleeve using a lint-free cloth to ensure it continues doing a good job of protecting your records.


Growing a vinyl collection takes time, patience, and a significant amount of money, but it’s a worthy investment, especially if you have the passion for it. Remember to take care of it properly by minimizing static, handling them cautiously, and cleaning them correctly. The next time you drop by a vinyl store searching for anything you might like, don’t forget to clean them thoroughly so that you can add them right next to your other vinyl in their prime condition.

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