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How to Ensure That Your Vinyl Records Last a Lifetime

In the past, records were truly a marvel, and people still keep them today. If you take good care of your record, it can give you a lifetime or more beautiful music. But if you don’t take care of it, it will quickly become unlistenable and worthless. Because of this, how can you maintain your records so that they will last many years?

In this article, we will share five vital tips to help preserve your vinyl record for a lifetime:

Learn the Proper Way to Store Your Records

When you aren’t using your records, you need to store them properly so that they don’t get damaged over time. If you’re going to put your records into storage, make sure that they’re stored vertically to ensure that they don’t warp over time. Also, keep them away from extreme temperature or humidity. Another important consideration is dust––when storing your records, make sure to keep them in their sleeve and place them inside the cover to ensure that there is as little exposure as possible to dust!

Get Better Outer and Inner Sleeves

If you really want to step up your record-keeping game, you’ll need to get some inner and outer sleeves. The ones that come with your record are usually just basic paper sleeves. 

To start, get a good quality polyethylene lined inner sleeve, such as the MoFi sleeves, as these are readily available and cost-effective. The reason you want to buy these over just keeping the paper sleeves is that paper alternatives can cause a lot of damage over time. Paper sleeves leave flakes over the record’s surface and have no antistatic properties at all. This means that the record could cling to the white paper and cause scratches as the record is pulled in and out of the sleeve because of static.

To help your record be protected from dust even more and protect the cover art from wear and tear, you should get a good quality outer record sleeve. When buying one, try to get them from a local vinyl store in Manchester because you can rely on their quality. 

Handle the Record Properly

When handling records, do your best not to touch the playable grooves with your bare hands. No matter how much you wash your hands, there are natural oils on our skin that would damage the record. Instead, you can use your hands to handle the edges and the inner label, and be especially careful when pulling a record out or putting it into a sleeve.

Use a Carbon Fiber Record Brush

Before and after the playback of each side, you must remember to use a carbon fibre record brush to gently brush the dust and other debris away. Doing this consistently can improve the lives of both your record and stylus. 

Clean Your Records Efficiently

Despite all our attempts at preventing dirt and dust from accumulating on your record, keep in mind that it’ll eventually get dirty. And this is where cleaning comes in. There are two ways you can clean your record. The first is by hand using something like a GrooveWasher, but don’t use tap water as it can contain mineral deposits. The second method is to use a record cleaning machine. Regardless if you use a manual record cleaning machine or a vacuum one, both are still effective in removing dirt, though the vacuum record cleaning machine is better at it!


If you want to be listening to a record for the rest of your life and maybe even pass it on, you’ll need to take good care of your records. These tips we’ve shared above are extremely helpful, so be sure to keep them in mind! 

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