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Decoding Vinyl: A Closer Look at How the Records Work

Nowadays, when you want to listen to your favorite artists and bands, you don’t have to visit a music store anymore. All you have to do is pull out your mobile phone, look up any album you want on the web, and start playing them. Music is so accessible now that you can’t imagine how difficult it was for people back then to find a way to consume songs conveniently!

The moment people discovered how to record sound and play it back, it paved the way for musicians to keep crafting art for the world to enjoy. With the birth of vinyl, plenty of other audio recording devices were invented, giving way to better opportunities for everyone to listen to the beauty of sound and music. 

Keep reading below to find out more about vinyl and how it became a classic masterpiece that continues to surpass modern technology. 

The Background of Vinyl Records

It all started in the year 1877, when Thomas Edison created a contraption that works to record and reproduce sound using a metal cylinder. Later on, Emile Berliner coined the term “gramophone,” which uses lateral-shaped disc records.

Fast forward to 1948, the era known as the golden era for vinyl records. Vinyls would take over the world, with people consuming the best hits of the time through this one medium. In 1962, the Phillip’s Cassette was developed and immediately went head-to-head with vinyl records—but it was not enough to beat the vinyl records’ dominance in the market.

At present, you can find countless album collectors and audiophiles continuing the path that the records started back in the days. People still want to pursue the need to buy and sell vinyls as a means of sharing their love of music and the classics.  

The Science Behind the Most Beloved Music Format

How Do Sound Waves Work?

The sounds you’re experiencing right now are actually created by vibrations and particles present in the air that move through them in the form of waves. The same waves convey energy originating from the sound source to the environment around it.

Each time your eardrums vibrate, you hear sound waves due to the vibrating air particles around you. When you’re in a large crowd or in the middle of a concert, you can expect to hear more prominent sounds due to the massive vibrations present in your surroundings.  

With vinyls, the three-dimensional grooves you can see on a record create the waves that produce the particular recorded sound you hear each time you place it on a player and run the disc. It acts as a sort of “fingerprint” of the sound waves.

How Does a Record Player Run?

If you recently purchased a vinyl player at a nearby record store, one of the things you will first notice about the device is the presence of a needle or its stylus. You position it carefully onto one of the groves of your chosen vinyl to allow it to play sounds.

Once the player operates and the disc begins turning, you can see the stylus making its way through the grooves. With each vibration it produces, the “bounces” it makes are transported to the bar. 

The stylus is fixed on the end of a cartridge, an electromagnetic device that often comprises a piezoelectric crystal. The sounds your vinyl player makes are due to the metal bar pinning against the crystal, which produces an electrical signal when the crystal sways accordingly. An amplifier or speaker connected to the player receives the same signals, which is the sound you hear each time you put on your favorite record.


For most avid vinyl record collectors, what motivates them to keep investing in what they love is the unique sound that the discs produce. Each time the record spins on the player, it exudes warmth, unlike any other audio recording device, thus, perfectly encapsulating the feeling of listening to your favorite artist, band, or genre for the first time.  

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