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A Guide to Converting Your Vinyl Records into Cash

Vinyl records have become an increasingly popular collector’s item for people who love music. While digital music now rules the airwaves, nothing can match the authenticity and sound quality of a record. That is why these things can sell for reasonable prices, depending on their rarity and quality. If you’re trying to sell some old records but don’t quite know how to start, try following these tips.

3 Noteworthy Tips for Selling a Vinyl Record

1. Do Your Research

Knowing what you’re selling makes it much easier to find prices that work for you. Also, knowing about the artists can also help with the sale. The more popular they are, the more in-demand their records may be. It also increases in value when your record is rare. The fewer people have it, the more desirable it is. 

Albums that are part of the original press also are worth more than copies that came after it. The music of older artists is also much more difficult to find, which can up their value. 

2. Take Note of the Condition 

Condition is another physical factor that plays a role in the sale. Sealed albums are almost as good as new ones, which makes them more desirable. If they also come in the original packaging, that can be more attractive. If not, your record can be classified as Mint, which means it has been taken out of the packaging, but it is still in perfect condition.

Pre-loved vinyl usually falls under the categories Near Mint, Excellent, and Good Quality Plus. Despite the condition issues they may have, they are still precious enough to make a great sale. 

3. Know Your Type

Not all vinyl records are made the same. There are two types of vinyl albums: mono and stereo.

Mono albums play songs from both speakers. Plenty of buyers prefer a mono album because of the nostalgia factor. Stereo albums have some parts playing on one side and the rest on the other. If you cover one of the speakers, you may only hear either the instrumental or the vocals. This creates a more dynamic sound and can be pretty interesting for listeners.

To test which kind your record is, you can simply block one of the two speakers and see if it makes a difference. Listeners and collectors find this detail essential. This won’t quite affect the price, though knowing the type the market wants can make it easier to sell.


You don’t have to be an expert musician to know what a reasonable price is for your records. 

Selling vinyl records is not going to be too difficult if you keep these tips in mind. Of course, if they hold any sentimental value to you, try your best to set aside your feelings and look at them as objectively as possible. But even with proper research in your hands, going with the gut feeling of “is it worth giving this up for that price?” is still something you can rely on.

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