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Cleaning Your Vinyl Collection: The Essentials You Need

Every collection is a treasure worth keeping. To make your beloved collection last for a long time, proper care and maintenance should be given to them. This is also applicable to your record. You should be properly aware of the essential things needed to clean and care for them. 

Records should be free from scratches, pops, and cracks to keep their top-notch quality. They require extra care compared to digital files.

Check out below the must-have items and the proper ways to clean your vinyl collection:

Vinyl Cleaning Brush

Whether old or new, your record needs to be cleaned with a quality cleaning brush to maintain its look and quality. Use a vinyl cleaning brush to ensure that the record will not be damaged. For an excellent result, put your record on the turntable and turn the power on. Let the record spin under the brush that you’re holding at a 90-degree angle. This will allow the brush to gently move from the inside grooves while spinning.

Remember not to press too hard on the record. The vinyl brush is designed to clean vinyl records, but putting too much pressure on it can lead to record grooves issues. Let the brush do its work in a light and gentle manner. Avoid touching the brush with your fingers because the oil and dirt from your fingers may adversely affect the record.

A Microfiber Cloth and Cleaning Solution

Did you notice that there are still pops and clicks on the records even after cleaning them? If so, you need to use a microfiber cloth with spray solution on it. Make sure to wipe it lightly in a circular motion on the entire vinyl. Never put too much pressure on it to avoid the dust and dirt from sinking even deeper on the record. Dry any solution left on the vinyl before playing it again.

A Stylus Brush

A common mistake by some vinyl collectors is that they skip cleaning the styluses, leaving the turntable’s needle unclean. Keep in mind that styluses can pick dust and dirt from the records. When not the record is not given proper attention, dirt can build up, and your stylus can be damaged eventually. Good thing there are stylus cleaners available today that can help fix the problem.

Use the stylus brush lightly from the back to the front. This will help clear away any dirt and dust that have accumulated. To avoid contamination, put the brush on a side table or the turntable motor board with its bristles up. Gently remove the dust and debris from the stylus brush after using.

Thick Inner Sleeves

It’s not only the proper cleaning process that you should learn when it comes to your vinyl collection. You must also be aware of how to store them. Once they are cleaned, use new and thicker sleeves for the records. The old ones you used may be worn out and damaged, so upgrading them will be a great idea.

Plastic Outer Sleeves

It’s good that your records are kept cleaned and protected with inner sleeves, but it will be great if you will also use an outer sleeve. This will serve as extra protection. Choose a thin, plastic outer sleeve that will keep the record and jacket. Plastic outer sleeves can also prevent dust from getting into your records.

A Vinyl Crate

You might be wondering how you can store your records after cleaning and adding protective sleeves to them. There are various ways you can do to have them properly stored. However, you should remember one thing: never stack each record on top of another because it will put uneven pressure that may warp them.


Becoming a record collector is beyond a chosen passion. If you have your vinyl record collection, you should also make sure you know how to take good care of them. To do that, you should have the right tools to properly clean and store them.

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